The War Among the Paines is a riveting life story of a family that is historically affected by war. Treat Paine narrates this story and explains the history of his family to his wife on the way to his mother’s funeral. He takes us back through WWI, WWII, and both the Korean and Vietnam wars. Throughout the story, Treat attends Cornell University, falls in love with many women, and experiences war for himself. Through each recount of the past, readers learn more about the Paine family complexities and how war has infiltrated everyone’s lives. Through this historical journey, readers experience war, loss, and love, and learn about historical people and events along the way. In summation, The War Among the Paines offers a family-focused perspective on war and its detrimental effects on individuals and family units as a whole.

The War Among the Paines is an incredible story full of history and family drama between an incredibly deep-rooted family that has been affected by war in the most unforeseen ways. This novel is educational, eye-opening, intense, and exciting. The author does an incredible job of piecing together woven memories of family and national history to create an utterly breathtaking view on the effects of war. This novel is perfect for history buffs or for anyone who enjoys family mystery or drama. All in all, The War Among the Paines should be read by everyone to truly understand how war can tear people apart or force them together.

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